Tourism to Lancaster County positively impacts small and large businesses alike. Restaurants, attractions and lodging properties benefit directly from tourism, but that leads to the betterment of all businesses from farmers to printers to builders.

The longtime residents of Lancaster and the surrounding areas are invaluable, but it’s the tourism to our county that has been a driving force of growth.

History of the Station

The Lancaster train station was designated a contributing property to the Lancaster Historic District in 2001, meaning it adds to the historical integrity and architectural qualities that make the district historic.

As of 2012, the Lancaster train station was the third-busiest station on the Amtrak Keystone Corridor. A major renovation of the station was initiated in 2009 and completed in 2013. They refurbished the interior and installed a new HVAC system, among other updates.

Now, the Lancaster Amtrak station sees twenty-six arrivals on weekdays and fourteen on weekends. Half of the arrivals come from Harrisburg and half from New York Penn Station. Between Harrisburg and Lancaster, stops include Middletown, Elizabethtown and Mount Joy. Halfway between Harrisburg and New York is the Philadelphia Amtrak Station. Between Philadelphia and New York, the train makes additional stops in Pennsylvania and New Jersey before reaching New York Penn Station.

This means there is an easy means of transportation for many people traveling within PA or across state borders. Lancaster County has no shortage of attractions, and the list becomes longer each year, so the area is becoming increasingly attractive to tourists.

The Daily Commute

In addition to bringing tourists to Lancaster, the train is also a convenient way to travel on a daily basis. For example, someone who works in Lancaster can easily commute from Harrisburg, Philadelphia or beyond.

The train is usually on time, and passengers don’t have to deal with the frustration of rush-hour traffic, so many consider it a viable option for their commute to work. Amtrak even offers monthly or weekly passes to make the trip more affordable.

The option of taking the Amtrak to work has the potential to bring professional talent from near and far, helping our businesses flourish. This is as valuable for occasional meetings as it is for long-term employment opportunities. In business, convenience is everything.

Next time you meet someone who wants to visit Lancaster for business or pleasure, be sure to have them check if the train would be a plausible means of transportation for them.