If you’re a resident of Lititz, PA, you’re within reasonable distance of many remarkable hiking locations. The blistering summer days will soon be behind us, leaving room for days filled with crunchy leaves and cool air. If you don’t like hiking in the heat, this is the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy nature.

Lititz/Warwick Trailway

This trail is a 3-mile hike that’s wheelchair-friendly and accessible for all skill levels. It is open year-round for you to see the beautiful wild flowers and scenery. It is a good spot to take your children and friendly, leash-trained dogs for the day. The trail goes out and back, so it is very easy to navigate. Be aware that there is one fairly busy road at one part of the path.

Speedwell Forge County Park (Oak Loop Trail)

The Oak Loop Trail at Speedwell Forge County Park is a 3-mile adventure of moderate difficulty. If you’re looking for a nice hike between March and November, this would be a great option. There is a good mix of inclines and flat paths, giving you the opportunity for a quick workout. With the recent rain, parts of the trail are reportedly muddy. The effect was especially profound along the creek path. Leashed dogs are permitted.

Landis Woods Park

Landis Woods is a 2-mile loop trail near Manheim, PA. It’s a moderately difficult terrain that’s perfect for hiking, walking, birding and observing nature. It’s recommended that you only use the trail from April to September, meaning that this hiking season is coming to a close very shortly. Dogs are allowed if the owner keeps them on a leash.

Rannels Kettle and Game Lands 156

This loop is an 11.1-mile hike of moderate difficulty. If you don’t want to hike the full length, you can easily modify the hike to make it shorter. If you have a well-behaved dog, they can come with you on the hike, as well. They just have to be on a leash. The loop features a lake, wildlife and spots for camping. The trail is best between April and October, so you still have some time to enjoy the great hike before the Pennsylvania weather hits.

Although these aren’t your only hiking options near Lititz, they are some of the closest and most well-known. With a range of trail difficulty and length, you can either go out for a few hours or make a whole day of it. Just be sure to stay hydrated and be cautious of disrupting any wildlife habitats. To find more trails near you, I’d recommend the AllTrails app. It provides great information for your next hike.